Send us your photo...and we'll turn your Memory into a Masterpiece on Canvas!

Get a Painting of a Picture.

Get a Painting of a Picture by Real Artists!

You'd like to get a painting of a Picture by a real Artist? This is the place to start. Canvas Art opened the first virtual Art studio in 2005. Since then we've created thousands of hand painted artworks in the style of Traditional Fine Oil. Visit our Client Gallery below to see artworks we've created for others in 14 galleries. Get ideas for your own painting from photos . If you like what we do we'd like to suggest our $25 Preview offer. For this small fee we will do all the work first and show you a draft online for acceptance. Seeing the artwork we create for you in advance assures your satisfaction with the delivered portrait. It just makes sense to us. Should you decide to buy, the finished oil painting from photo starts under $150 Curious how we can create a Painting of a picture at such a low cost. Our expert Artists use modern digital tools to speed the process. Watch the movie above to see our best Animal portrait Artist paint a Lion head portrait in less than 2 minutes. The video is time lapse (sped up for time). Actual rendering time was about 4 hours. Have questions? We have all the answers. Just dial us up for a chat at 702 795-9555. Our studio is open Six days a week. Monday thru Saturday 9 to 4pm pacific time. See you then!

What our Customers say:

"I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the canvas artwork when it arrived. The family portrait you made looks even better in person than it did on the website. Nice job and thanks again." - Sheila K.

Click Here to see Paintings we've made from a picture for others.


We can also print your photo on canvas....

If you prefer the look of your original photo and would like to have it printed on canvas...we can do that too!

  8"x10" $39.95
11"x14" $49.95
16"x18" $59.95
18"x24" $69.95
24"x36" $99.95
36"x36" $149.95
32"x48" $149.95

Additional Options for a photo picture to canvas:

FREE - Gallery Wrapping (refers to a portion of the image extending over the edge of the canvas)

FREE - Color to Black & White (hey, its one button in photoshop!)

Add $12.95 - Upgrade from 5/8" deep to 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap (popular option for displaying a canvas print without a frame)