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Pricing for Pop Art Portraits on Canvas:

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Artwork Size Cost Shipping (delivery to 48 contiguous states - please inquire for AK, HI or Int'l)
Single Panel (without title)
12"x12" Canvas $99.95 $6.95
16"x16" Canvas $129.95 $8.95 **$49.50 discount for a Reprint in any size**
20"x20" Canvas $149.95 $12.95
24"x24" Canvas $179.95 $12.95
30"x30" Canvas $229.95 $24.95 **All Pop Art Portraits usually ship in 4 days**
36"x36" Canvas $299.95 $34.95 Typical Delivery in 10-14 days
48"x48" Canvas $399.95 $57.95
Three Panel (without title)
10"x28" Canvas $139.95 $9.95
13"x36" Canvas $169.95 $19.95
16"x45" Canvas $229.95 $29.95
Three Panel (with title)
12"x28" Canvas $149.95 $9.95
15"x36" Canvas $179.95 $19.95
18"x45" Canvas $239.95 $29.95
Four Panel (without title)
12"x12" Canvas $99.95 $6.95
16"x16" Canvas $129.95 $8.95
20"x20" Canvas $149.95 $12.95
24"x24" Canvas $179.95 $12.95
30"x30" Canvas $229.95 $24.95
36"x36" Canvas $299.95 $64.95
48"x48" Canvas $399.95 $129.95
Product Notes:

The most popular sizes are: Three Panel 15"x36" (with title) and Four Panel 24"x24" (without title)

Price includes the stretched canvas with Gallery Wrap (Choose 5/8" deep for framing purposes or 1-1/2" for ready-to-hang)

'Rolled Canvas' orders allow $19.95 discount (recommended for international orders)

Discount of $49.50 offered for Re-prints of any past artwork.

Above pricing is for first draft: (art revisions after the 1st draft may involve a small extra charge)

Additional Services:

Advance Preview for Painted Artworks: $10(we send you a proof via email for your approval prior to shipping)

Photo Restoration / Photo Retouching: $49.95 (repair faded, torn or damaged photos)

Digital File Download for Painted Canvas Portraits: $99.95 (you own the digital file)