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Welcome to the Reprint Center:

You've ordered a painted artwork from us and now wish to create a reprint.
Enter the project # as shown on the back of the artwork and press "Continue".

If you don't have a project # or need assistance please contact our studio
using the message box on the right side of this page.

Frequently asked questions:

Q:Where do I find the project # ?

A:We print the project # on the back of each canvas artwork (see bottom edge).

Q:I don't know my project # or I can't find it on the back of the original artwork ?

A:If you ordered your portrait with a frame the project # would more than likely be covered (on the back) by the frame.
If you can't find the project # or if you'd like us to research it for you please use the message box at right to contact us.
If the original artwork you commissioned included a proof - that proof and the associated project # may be archived in our Preview Center. Click on the link at top of this page to visit the Preview Center.

Q: I want to order a reprint of my artwork in a different size.

A: We can do this. Just enter your correct project # in the box above and press "Continue". This will direct you into our shopping cart where you'll be able to select a size and framing option for your reprint.

Q:Is there an discount for a reprint?

A:Yes there is. We offer a $49.95 discount for a reprint of any painted artwork.
(note: the reprint discount does not apply to photo-on-canvas orders)

Q:I want to order a reprint but I also want to make some changes to the artwork.

A:We can do this for you. But please contact us with your request before placing the reprint order. There is a small extra charge for revisions to the original artwork and we won't know the exact cost until you approve the changes.