Send us your photo...and we'll turn your Memory into a Masterpiece on Canvas!

Digital Photo Painting...using modern digital tools to create Art.

Using modern digital art tools to create a Painting from your photo.

Technology has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Many manual processes are now computer aided to achieve greater accuracy and speed. This is also true with Art. An Artist can now create a painting from a photo in less than a day. Instead of brush and paint the Artist uses a pressure sensitive digital tablet together with a hand held stylus and customized software. The computer doesn't create the photo painting by be sure. Computers cannot create a painting from a photo any more than a word processor can replace an Author and write a novel. Thankfully, these are endeavours still require imagination and creative spark from the human Artist or Author. What computers do for artistic professionals now is speed the process and lower the cost. The cost of a hand painted custom portrait used to measure in the $ Thousands. Now you can work over the web with a digital Artist from Canvas and pay just a few hundred dollars. To see samples of our photo painting work please click on the link below - and consider our unique $10 Preview offer. For a small $10 deposit we'll create a custom portrait based on your photo in the style of Traditional Oil. When complete, we'll show you a proof online to consider. If you like the painting our Artists create you can choose to buy. Prices for the finished artwork start under $150.

Click Here to see hundreds of custom made Photo Painting artworks we've made for others!


We also print photos on canvas....

If you prefer the look of your original photo and would like to have it printed on canvas...we can do that too!

11"x14" $39.95
16"x20" $49.95
20"x24" $59.95
20"x30" $69.95
24"x36" $79.95
30"x40" $99.95

Additional Options for a photo picture to canvas:

FREE - Gallery Wrapping (refers to a portion of the image extending over the edge of the canvas)

FREE - Color to Black & White (hey, its one button in photoshop!)

Add $12.95 - Upgrade from 5/8" deep to 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap (popular option for displaying a canvas print without a frame)