Send us your photo...and we'll turn your Memory into a Masterpiece on Canvas!

Photo to Oil Painting.

Photo to Oil Painting by professional Artists!

What is a Photo to Oil Painting? A professional Artist starts with your photo and creates a picture to portrait in the style of Traditional Fine Oil. Want to see one of our Artists at work? The above time lapse video shows our best Animal portrait artists create an Oil Painting of a Lion's head. You'll be surprised to see how modern day digital Artwork is created. This is a Human artist by the way. Not a computer robot or anything like that.

Imagine your own photo turned into an Oil Painting. We can do that. Just upload your favorite Family, Child, Vacation or Wedding photo here through the site and pay $25. You even do Dog Paintings and Pet Portraits like the one described below by customer "Katie S". One of our professional Artists will create a painting and show you a proof online within a few days for acceptance. We prefer you to see the painting first and decide afterwards whether buy. This insures acceptance and the highest satisfaction possible. It also seems only fair. We want you to be one of the 30% of customers who returns to buy another. Before deciding we suggest you visit our client gallery and see sample Photo to Portrait Paintings we've created for others. This will give you ideas on selecting your own photo. When complete, the finished canvas artwork is shipped directly to your home. Sound simple? It is. For any questions just drop us a line through our contact page or give us a call during the day at 702 795-9555. We're open 9 to 4pm pacific time. Thanks for looking :)

What our Customers say:

"We've always had dogs. Barney was our little Dachsund that roamed the house like family. It was crushing to lose him after 11 years. The painting you created almost brings Barney back to life and reminds us of so many wonderful times. It was a pleasure working with you. Look for more to come." - Katie S.

Click Here to see samples of Photo to Oil Paintings we've done for others.


We can also print your photo on canvas....

If you prefer the look of your original photo and would like to have it printed on canvas...we can do that too!

  8"x10" $39.95
11"x14" $49.95
16"x20" $59.95
18"x24" $69.95
20"x30" $89.95
24"x36" $99.95
36"x36" $149.95
32"x48" $149.95

Additional Options for a photo picture to canvas:

FREE - Gallery Wrapping (refers to a portion of the image extending over the edge of the canvas)

FREE - Color to Black & White (hey, its one button in photoshop!)

Add $12.95 - Upgrade from 5/8" deep to 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap (popular option for displaying a canvas print without a frame)