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CanvasArt creates masterpiece portraits in the style of Traditional Fine Oil. Home of the $25 Preview, we allow you to view your photo turned into painting first and decide afterwards whether to purchase. We work this way to insure satisfaction with your photo to canvas painting

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My son was over at neighbor’s house and destroyed a painting. It turns out it was a painting handed down by a grandfather to a grandson. The grandfather passed away 20 years ago. The Man’s Daughter threw the painting away instead of telling her Dad what had happened. When I found out what had happened and how special it was I sought to replace the photo somehow. One of the kids had an Iphone photo of the damaged picture showing the hole and dents in it from their horseplay. I took the photo to several places in town and got the same answer..."Sorry there is no way to fix this". Then I found an art studio on the web called who said they might be able to help. I sent them the terrible photo I had and they put their best Artists on it. The result was beyond belief. They re-painted it! It looks like new. Thanks guys! The painting looks great. I'll tell everyone I know what a wonderful job you did.

from: Chip Twomey on Tuesday, August 13, 2013