Send us your photo...and we'll turn your Memory into a Masterpiece on Canvas!

Photo Canvas Painting!

Photo Canvas Painting by professional Artists!

Photo Painting on Canvas has been around for hundreds of years. Typically, a subject would stand or sit for an Aritst for as long as it would take to capture the subject's likeness with a hand held brush and paint. Today professional Artists work much differently. Watch the video above to understand. Modern Artists now use a hand held stylus with virtual brush tips. They still dab and paint just like Picasso. But instead of a canvas they now paint on a pressure sensitive tablet connected to a high definition monitor. There are several benefits. The first is quality. Working in a digital painting environment allows Artist mistakes, which frequently happen, to be corrected immediately. Its the old CTRL Z command. A new brush stroke replaces the old one in seconds, just the way the Artist wants. The second reason is cost. Whereas as unique original photo image to painting artwork once cost several thousand artwork created by digital Artist takes less time and therefore costs less. Quality and Cost. If you'd like to see what one of our Artists can do for you, order our $25 Preview. For this fee we'll complete the finished Canvas Painting in its entirety and show you a proof online for acceptance. Decide afterwards whether to buy. You shouldn't be forced to own an artwork you don't like, right? We've been working this way since 2005 at our Las Vegas Art Studio. Have questions? Give us a call. We're open 9 to 4pm PST Monday through Saturday. We'd love to hear from you!

What our Customers say:

"It was a momentus occasion when our Son Michael graduated College. Twenty Three years to get to this point. So proud and happy. To celebrate the milestone we decided to get a painting of a picture from his graduation. Remarkable really what you guys did for us. That's all I can say. Look for many more orders from the Wilson family!" - Robert W.

Click Here to see samples of custom paintings from photos we've done for others.


We can also print your photo on canvas....

If you prefer the look of your original photo and would like to have it printed on canvas...we can do that too!

  8"x10" $39.95
11"x14" $49.95
16"x20" $59.95
18"x24" $69.95
20"x30" $89.95
24"x36" $99.95
36"x36" $149.95
32"x48" $149.95

Additional Options for a photo picture to canvas:

FREE - Gallery Wrapping (refers to a portion of the image extending over the edge of the canvas)

FREE - Color to Black & White (hey, its one button in photoshop!)

Add $12.95 - Upgrade from 5/8" deep to 1-1/2" Gallery Wrap (popular option for displaying a canvas print without a frame)